Do Institutions Offer Help and Support to Students?

Yes, institution gives full support to aspirants to complete their degrees.

What Are Some Benefits of Online Learning?

  • Continue your present job along with your degree.
  • Flexible fee payment plan.
  • Study through LMS.
  • Flexibility in exams.

Is an Online Degree Viewed Differently Than a Traditional Degree?

Off late online degree is as much as valid as the traditional degree.

How Long Does It Take to Earn a Degree Online?

Each course is different from than others. Each program has a separate time limit.

Are You Able to Earn Your Degree Completely Online? ..

Yes with modern modes of study and technology, you can easily avail your education online.

Does online program applicable for all nationalities ?

Yes off course Our institution provides the majority of programs which is applicable to all nationalities.


Is a online Education degree valid in the UAE?

The UAE recognizes and accepts degrees obtained through recognized educational institutions. Many universities worldwide offer distance education programs that are recognized by the UAE Ministry of Education.

How much is the course fee?

The course fee is different for different courses. To know more about the course fees, kindly click on the 'courses' on our website. You can also find about the course fees under Course Details and Course Information on the 'Courses' page.

Course fees are also listed here on this page. Please click on the link to visit the page.

What is the eligibility of the course?

  • For the Diploma Courses, you need to be a senior secondary pass out with a degree from High school to apply for the course.
  • For PG Diploma courses you need to be a graduate in any stream.
  • For Certificate Courses you need to complete Grade 10 under any board.

Is group discount offered?

Group discounts as well as ad-hoc course combinations or packages are also provided. For more kindly mail us at: